Document Destruction Helps Prevent Identity Theft in Atlanta, GA, and Surrounding Communities

document destruction atlanta gaBusiness leaders in Atlanta, GA, are choosing document destruction as a proactive line of defense against the rising tide of white collar crime. For years, many businesses would routinely discard paper files in trash bins, which would be taken to office park disposals and, subsequently, to city dumps or landfills. While that may have been acceptable years ago, before unscrupulous individuals could hijack people’s information and use it to assume victims’ identities, it’s no longer safe to simply throw away whole documents into any random trash receptacle.

What could happen if your documents get in the wrong hands? Personal tragedies and financial nightmares could ensue for the individuals whose information has been compromised. For you, it could bring potential litigation and fines of $1,000 per affected customer, as stipulated by the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act. When you hire a document destruction in the Atlanta Metro area, your files will be shredded, obliterating every bit of sensitive data that could put both you and your customers at risk of potentially irreversible damages.

Rest assured that when you choose Business Records Services (BRS), your documents will only be in the safe, trustworthy hands of background-checked individuals who will securely remove your documents from your business and shred them. The shredded remains of your documents will then be recycled, helping to keep your business environmentally friendly. You will also be provided with a certificate that proves your documents were properly destroyed, helping shield you against identity theft lawsuits.

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