How Document Destruction Can Prevent HIPAA Violations at Your Chicago, IL, Healthcare Facility

document-destruction-chicago-hipaaMany healthcare facilities in Chicago, Illinois, are seeking document destruction services, especially with the rise of laws related to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, better known to many by its widely recognized acronym, HIPAA. HIPAA laws largely concern the dissemination of a patient’s records and who may or may not see that private information. In this day and age of data breaches and identity theft, the risks to personal health information can be particularly unnerving for both patients and their healthcare providers. Document destruction is the best answer for those in Chicago who need to protect their old medical records from unauthorized eyes.

Destroying your old, unneeded medical files is the most effective way that you can guard sensitive information from being abused by unscrupulous individuals. Of course, you may be wondering what, precisely, unnecessary medical files are. In the case of individual health care providers, they must retain a patient’s medical records for seven years after the last date of treatment, or three years after a patient’s death. Hospitals must keep patient data for a longer period of time – 25 years from the date of a given patient’s discharge. However, original records can be purged sooner if they are microfilmed in a fashion that complies with the local Division of Public Health.

When you hire Business Records Services (BRS), you can be confident that your medical files will be shredded by background-checked document destruction professionals in Chicago, IL, who will ensure your sensitive information is completely obliterated. We will even provide a certificate that proves your files were properly destroyed, helping to protect you from identity-theft or HIPAA-related litigation.

Contact BRS today for more information about our document destruction services for businesses in the Chicago, IL, area and those in all surrounding suburbs. We will gladly provide a free, no-obligation quote and gladly answer any questions you may have about our services.

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