Document Destruction Services Help Phoenix, AZ, Businesses Improve File Management

document destruction phoenix, azHave you considered hiring a document destruction company in Phoenix, AZ, to shred your documents? If so, you’re not alone, as countless businesses throughout the Valley of the Sun are turning to professional document management companies as the solution for sorting, storing, and ultimately destroying their records. Why do businesses turn to document management firms though? What are the advantages of hiring a record management company to destroy your records versus, say, just shredding your documents in a personal shredder?

When you hire a document destruction company in Phoenix, AZ, you’re mitigating the risks associated with handling sensitive information by letting a professional company with trained specialists handle the task of destroying those confidential records for you. Another benefit to choosing a document shredding company to handle the work of destroying old files is that you will save time. Consider, for instance, that a typical commercial paper shredder, which may cost $1,000 to $2,000 to buy, shreds around 15 pages per pass, at around 10 feet per minute. At that rate, it could take days to shred the obsolete records and other internal files found in a typical doctor’s office or other small- to medium-sized business. If you hire a document shredding company to handle that same task for you, the result can be saving money and many invaluable and irreplaceable hours of time.

If you choose Business Records Services (BRS), you can be confident that your files will be properly shredded, keeping confidential information safe and helping to protect you from identity theft litigation. For added peace of mind, we’ll even furnish a certificate proving that your files were shredded.

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