Document Destruction Can Protect Your Sarasota, FL, Business from Identity Theft Litigation

document destruction sarasota, flDid you know that document destruction can help your Sarasota, FL, business avoid potential identity theft litigation? If you keep records that contain your customer’s personal information, which can include anything from phone numbers and home addresses to credit card numbers and social security card numbers, you are assuming the responsibility of holding data that is crucial to an individual’s identity. As you may know, if even one sensitive piece of data winds up in unscrupulous hands, identity theft could ensue, plunging the victim into a nightmarish world of compromised bank accounts and other hassles.

If the data breach was found to be due to your negligence, you could face humiliating litigation and financially crippling fines amounting to $1,000 per customer under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act. Aside from causing potentially irreparable damage to your business and its good reputation, you could find yourself sitting in a courtroom’s defendant seat.

When you entrust your files to Business Records Services (BRS), a trusted document destruction service in Sarasota, Florida, you can have complete confidence that your documents will be properly destroyed by highly trained professionals who will ensure your confidential information is completely obliterated. We will even furnish you with a certificate that proves your files were properly shredded, which will help to protect you from potential litigation. Plus, your shredded files will be recycled to help your business stay environmentally friendly.

Contact BRS today for more information about our document destruction services in Sarasota, FL, and to learn about the many services we offer businesses throughout the Suncoast region.

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