A Document Digitization Service for Chicago, IL, Businesses

Document Digitization Service Chicago ILIf you are searching for a document digitization service that can help scan files quickly and securely for your Chicago, Illinois, company, turn to Business Records Services (BRS). At BRS, we provide comprehensive document scanning services that turn bulky paper files into electronic files, clearing space in your office or storage facility.

Having your files digitally scanned can provide you and your employees with a variety of features, including being able to access your company’s files from anywhere via a computer, tablet, or smartphone. They will also be able to send or receive files easily with a click of a button, enlarge text for easier viewing, and search your electronic files for keywords, helping to improve efficiency and productivity.

And, once the process is complete, we provide three options for your original files after they have been scanned. We will either return the files to you, store them in our secure off-site warehouse, or shred them via our secure document destruction service. After your files have been destroyed, you will receive a certificate of authentication, verifying that they were disposed of securely and can’t be reconstructed.

At BRS, our document digitization service has been a valuable tool for many types of businesses in the Chicago, IL, area, including:

  • Law offices
  • Doctor’s offices and medical facilities
  • Insurance agencies
  • Title companies
  • Financial institutions
  • And more

At BRS, we’re smaller than most of our competition, so we’re ready to manage your document digitization service needs on your schedule. If your business is in need of a secure document digitization service in Chicago, IL, or the surrounding area, contact Business Records Services today.

  • Document Management

    Electronic indexing and retrieval
    Monthly management reports
    Secure storage

  • Records Storage

    Same day delivery
    Delivery within a 2 hour window

  • Document Disposal

    All data destroyed securely
    Save Money
    Government Destruction Standard