Could File Conversion Services Help Your Business in the Alpharetta, GA, Area?

File Conversion Alpharetta GA

Are you considering hiring a file conversion provider to assist your company in the Alpharetta, Georgia, area? If so, look to Business Records Services (BRS). We’ve been a trusted provider of document management services for more than a quarter of a century, and providing customer-focused, flexible service is our top priority.

When you choose BRS to provide file conversion services for your Alpharetta, GA, business, we will:

  • Come to your office and collect your paper-based files
  • Scan your documents into our secure server to create digital files
  • Return your files to your office, store them at our secure warehouse until you need them, or have them destroyed so your confidential data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands

Once the file conversion process is complete, your staff will be able to access your documents from anywhere at any time using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. They will also be able to search for specific files using keywords, enlarge text for easier readability, as well as send and receive files with the click of a button. These services can be valuable for businesses that often deal with large amounts of paperwork or client files, including law offices, medical facilities, financial institutions, insurance agencies, and more.

Contact Business Records Services today if you would like to learn more about the file conversion services we offer for companies located in the Alpharetta, GA, area. One of our representatives would be happy to answer your questions.

  • Document Management

    Electronic indexing and retrieval
    Monthly management reports
    Secure storage

  • Records Storage

    Same day delivery
    Delivery within a 2 hour window

  • Document Disposal

    All data destroyed securely
    Save Money
    Government Destruction Standard