A File Conversion Service that Helps Businesses in the Sandy Springs, GA, Area Streamline their Flow of Information

File Conversion Sandy Springs GA

Are you looking for a file conversion provider that can help turn your company’s paper-based documents into easy-to-use digital files? Business Records Services (BRS) has helped countless businesses in the Sandy Springs, Georgia, area modernize the way they do business, and we can provide a solution for you. Our document management services have been a popular choice among companies representing many different industries, including law firms, medical facilities, financial institutions, and more.

The file conversion services that BRS provides are fast and convenient. We will come to your office in the Sandy Springs, GA, area and scan your paper-based files into our secure server, making it easy to access your files from anywhere or send and receive them with the click of a button. You will also be able to search for keywords to help you locate a specific document, and zoom in on text for easier reading.

Once BRS has completed the file conversion process for company, you will have three options for your original documents. You can:

  • Have them returned to your office
  • Allow us to store them at our secure warehouse in case you need them as a backup
  • Let us destroy them and provide you with a certificate that guarantees they can never be reconstructed, protecting your company against identity theft claims

Let Business Records Service help you increase your company’s productivity today. Contact us today to learn more about the file conversion services we offer to businesses in the Sandy Springs, GA, area.

  • Document Management

    Electronic indexing and retrieval
    Monthly management reports
    Secure storage

  • Records Storage

    Same day delivery
    Delivery within a 2 hour window

  • Document Disposal

    All data destroyed securely
    Save Money
    Government Destruction Standard