Shredding Services Can Save Your Phoenix, AZ, Business Money

Shredding Services Phoenix AZShredding services are more than just a way to destroy sensitive information on your old documents; shredding can also be your key to new space in your Phoenix, Arizona, office – space you’re already paying for, that is. How much of your current office is occupied by boxes, file drawers, and containers of old records? One hundred square feet? Five hundred square feet? More? Some businesses, such as medical practices and legal firms, have to dedicate surprisingly large amounts of valuable floor space to accommodate their files.

Of course, often a large portion of these files are old and obsolete, no longer necessary, and completely disposable. Yet, many firms avoid tossing out these bulky files because they contain sensitive information. Shredding services solve that problem by obliterating those documents. The result is more office space without having to spend more on rent. And, with commercial rents spiraling upward these days, it’s getting more costly to physically expand a business, so shredding documents is cost effective.

At Business Records Services (BRS), we proudly offer shredding services for documents of all types, including X-rays, architectural blueprints, financial ledgers, and more. We can destroy any number of files and will provide you with a certificate proving they were properly destroyed to help protect you from potential litigation. Our commitment to providing the best possible service has helped us to earn an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, not to mention the trust of countless businesses throughout Phoenix and the surrounding area.

For more information about our shredding services in Phoenix, AZ, contact Business Records Services today.

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